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NLA inspects 1st mangrove botanical garden

20 Apl 18 - The National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has surveyed a mangrove forest in Chanthaburi province before designating it as the first mangrove botanical garden in Thailand.

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NLA rejections nomination of ombudsman candidate

20 Apl 18 - The National Legislative Assembly has rejected a nominated candidate for the position of the ombudsman in its weekly meeting.

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Meechai believes parliament will see new faces after election

19 Apl 18 - Constitution Drafting Commission Chairman Meechai Ruchuphan is hopeful Thai Parliament will see new generation of politicians after next year’s election.

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NLA President and Deputy Speaker of Israel’s Knesset discuss tightening bilateral ties

18 Apl 18 - The President of the National Legislative Assembly, Pornpetch Wichitcholchai, welcomed Deputy Speaker of Israel’s National Legislature H.E. Mr.Yeheil Bar who is currently on an official trip to Thailand.

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CDC Chairman: High number of new political party applications considered good sign

17 Apl 18 - The Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee believes a high number of applications to set up new political parties could be a good sign.

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Meechai confirms election will take place in Feb 2019

17 Apl 18-Chairperson of the Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) Meechai Ruchuphan is convinced that Thai citizens will go to the polls in February 2019.

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Justice reform committee in charge of draft Royal Thai Police Act to meet after Songkran

16 Apl 18-The justice reform committee which is in charge of the new version of the law on the Royal Thai Police is to convene a meeting after the Songkran holiday to discuss some changes to the draft.

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CDC Chairman to call for first meeting to adjust police reform plan after Songkran holiday

13 Apl 18-The Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Commission, Meechai Ruchuphan, is to call a meeting to work on the adjustment of the police reform plan after the Songkran holiday.

จำนวนผู้ชม: 2    วันที่โพสต์: 13 เมษายน 2561 เวลา 10:00 น.
CDC: Political parties can support Gen Prayut

12 Apl 18- Meechai Ruchuphan, chairman of the Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC), has reassured that political parties have the right to support whoever they want in the next election including the incumbent prime minister, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha.

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Meechai, Prayut give blessings to officials

11 Apl 18-The government, the military and many organizations have celebrated Songkran with the traditional blessing ceremony to show respect to senior officials.

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