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Police reform committee agrees with proposed centralization of investigative work

21 Sep 17-The police reform committee has agreed with the proposal on the centralization of the force's investigative work across the country while pledging to make efforts to ensure independence of the law enforcement department.

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CDC: Charter doesn’t forbid establishment of ‘coalition government’

21 Sep 17-The chairman of the Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) says that although the country’s highest law doesn’t include any clauses concerning the formation of a ‘coalition government,’ it doesn’t rule out the possibility either.

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Pornpetch: Too soon to talk about “coalition government”

21 Sep 17- The president of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA), Pornpetch Wichitcholchai , said it is too soon to talk about the possibility of setting up a “coalition government,” an idea raised by a former politician.

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NLA President welcomes new Ambassador of Peru to Thailand

21 Sep 17- The President of the National Legislative Assembly has held an initial meeting with the new Ambassador of Peru, who recently traveled to the country to take office.

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CDC to submit draft law on Constitutional Court procedures to NLA before end of September

20 Sep 17- The Constitutional Drafting Commission is adamant to submit the draft law on the Constitutional Court procedures to the National Legislative Assembly before the end of this month.

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NLA affirms no attempt to delay drafting of organic laws

20 Sep 17-The National Legislative Assembly has affirmed it has not been attempting to delay the drafting of all organic laws and the election will take place as planned.

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NLA President presents awards to winners of annual writing contest to promote democracy

      The President of the National Legislative Assembly has presented awards to winners of this year’s writing contest, which has been designed to help promote democracy.

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Police reform committee finalizing details of decentralization

19 Sep 17-The Justice Reform Committee is finalizing details of the decentralization of the Thai police, according to its spokesperson, Somkit Lertpaithoon

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CDC adjust NACC’s duties

19 Sep 17- The Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC) is currently drafting the draft Organic Act on Counter Corruption, assuring that the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) will not be disbanded.

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Secretariat of House of Representatives receives visiting Deputy Secretary-General of Laos’ National Assembly

19 Sep 17- The Deputy Secretary-General of the National Assembly of Laos is currently on an official visit to Thailand.?

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